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Black Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearls



Among the most beautiful in the world Tahitian pearls are produced in the black-lipped oyster, the “Pinctada margaritifera” in the warmer salt waters around Tahiti and the French Polynesian islands. This oyster itself is quite large - sometimes over 12 inches across and weighing as much as 10 pounds - which often results in much larger-than-average pearls. Usually ranging from approximately 8-16mm (on rare occasion you will find larger than 16mm and on even rarer ocasion you will find smaller than 8mm.  Tahitian pearls are unique because of their natural dark colors. Most "black" Tahitian pearls are not actually black, but are instead silver, charcoal, or a multitude of colors with the dominant color being green. Truly black pearls are among the most beautiful pearls in the world, and are extremely rare.


Tahitian cultured pearls are perfect for the classic pearl necklace and stud earrings but there is no need to limit yourself to those.  You can update your classic Tahitian cultured pearl strand with a Tahitian pearl enhancer or really dress things up a bit with a Tahitian pearl bracelet, pearl ring or glorious pearl earrings.  At PearlStop.com you will find the most exquisite selection of styles available today at wholesale prices.