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Freshwater Cultured Pearls



Most of the white freshwater cultured pearls from PearlStop.com are round and of the highest quality of Freshwater pearls available on the market today.   Looking at the history of the Freshwater pearls you can note that initially they were rice-shaped pearls.  Over time, through trial and error and just plain experience they have been able to improve the culturing process of the freshwater mussel.  Now the Freshwater  pearls can be mostly round, and look very similar to Akoya pearls when worn, but are available for a much lower price.

The majority of  Freshwater pearls come from China, and are the product of a complicated process in which a single  mussel can be harvested many times, producing several pearls at  once.  Because the same mussel can produce many pearls at a time, it significantly reduces the time that must be invested in matching the pearls to create a consistent strand in terms of color and luster.  The typical size range for round freshwater cultured pearls is from approximately 3mm-13mm, although larger sizes are available by special order.

Because of the vast ready available supply,  freshwater pearls tend to be the least expensive in all of the family of cultured pearls.  The classic pearl strand as well as studs are available along with a large collection of pieces to upgrade your pearl accessory wardrobe.  Take a look at the freshwater pearl bracelets, freshwater pearl rings, freshwater enhancers and earrings.  This is a very affordable option to dress up your "pearl style"